10 October 2023

The Dzongkhag Administration is currently conducting a training on "Empowering Women and Youth in Waste Management and Entrepreneurship" at the Dzongkhag Conference Hall, which commenced on October 9th, 2023. This training program is being led by the Self-Support Women Team and is scheduled for a duration of 21 days. The primary objectives of this training initiative are as follows: 
1. To effectively address the pressing issue of waste management within our community. 
2. To enhance the capabilities and expertise of women and youth in the field of waste recycling. 
A total of 39 female participants, comprising housewives and youth, are actively participating in this program. Upon completion of the training, these participants will acquire the skills needed to recycle waste materials at their homes, subsequently turning their trash into a source of income.

Funded by the Department of Tourism, GEF Ecotourism Project & UNDP Bhutan.

Empowering Women and Youth in Waste Management and Entrepreneurship