Comparative statement 2023-2024

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Supply of Agriculture Equipment for FY 2023-2024_2.pdf 55.36 KB
Supply of Greenhouse set and Ventilation ne for FY 2023-2024_1.pdf 32.73 KB
Supply of Livestock Equipment (Poultry, Dairy, General items) for FY 2023-2024)_0.pdf 37.39 KB
Supply of ICT Equipment for FY 2023-2024_0.pdf 53.58 KB
Supply of Office Stationery for FY 2023-2024_0.pdf 69.89 KB
Supply of Games and Sport items for FY 2023-2024_0.pdf 39.87 KB
Supply of Printer Cartridges and Tonners for FY 2023-2024_0.pdf 44.92 KB
Supply of Office Furniture for FY 2023-2024_0.pdf 57.05 KB
Supply of RWSS for FY 2023-2024_0.pdf 906.51 KB
Supply of Hardware items for FY 2023-2024_0.pdf 96.32 KB
Supply of Vehicle Tyres and Tubes for FY 2023-2024_0.pdf 32.11 KB
Dzongkhag Canteen and Catering services for FY 2023-2024.pdf 68.67 KB
Comaprative for Machinery Hiring FY 23-24 (1).pdf 14.83 KB
Comparative for Vehicle Hiring FY 23-24 (3) (Per Km, Half Day and full day).pdf 53.88 KB
Supply of Eletrical items for FY 2023-2024.pdf 160.29 KB
SBD for Vehicle hring FY 2023-2024.pdf 780.48 KB
Comparative for Gewog Wise Vehicle Hiring FY 23-24 (3).pdf 100.58 KB
Comparative_for_Vehicle_Hiring_FY_23_24_3_Per_Km,_Half_Day_and_full.pdf 53.88 KB
Services Charges for Vehicle Maintenance for FY 2023-2024.pdf 80.79 KB
Supply of Vehicle Spare parts for FY 2023-2024.pdf 80.23 KB