1. Title

This bylaw, which is a revision of Lhuentse Dzongkhag Zhiwog Welfare Scheme (LDZWS) 2008, shall be known as the Lhuentse Dzongkhag Zhiwog Welfare Scheme 2019, hereafter referred as the welfare scheme.

  1. Objective

Primarily, the objectives of this welfare scheme are to:

  1. Foster relation among staffs;
  2. Render financial support in the form of cash as semso in times of emergencies and distress.


  1. Scope

This welfare scheme shall extend its coverage to all the regular staffs working in the Dzongkhag. However, the teachers, non-teaching and supporting staffs working in various schools and any other staffs who are on internship and attachment, including those who hold any temporary-based positions in the Dzongkhag shall not be covered by this welfare scheme. Similarly, the elected members shall also be not covered considering the nature of their tenure.

  1. Commencement and Supersession

This revised bylaw shall come into effect on April 1st 2019 and hence, all other existing circulars, norms and practices in force, concerning the subjects which are covered by the LDZWS 2008 shall be deemed to have been superseded from the effective date of this bylaw.

  1. Membership and Nomination of Dependents
    1. All the regular employees of Lhuentse Dzongkhag as specified under Section 3 shall automatically become a member and thus, required to submit the duly filled-up Membership Form (Annexure-1) along with a list of nominees having following relationship with the member:
  1. Member’s own parents. In the event, a member is legally adopted by others as their child and his/her parents by birth are still alive then he/she cannot nominate more than two parents.
  2. One legitimate nominee in the event a member does not have any parent.
  3. Spouse.
  4. Children. In case of a new born child, that child has to be registered in the census to be eligible for membership registration. Until such time, the child is not eligible to be registered as dependent.
    1. However, if a member is on EOL, study leave (without pay) or in suspension[1] where the monthly contribution is nondeductible at source by the Accounts Section; this welfare scheme shall remain in effect only if he/she has fulfilled Section 7.3.
    2. Similarly, if a member is on study leave with pay for few months and then the rest is granted without pay where the monthly contribution becomes nondeductible at source by Accounts Section, this amount for the later part should also be realized as per Section 7.3 if he/she wishes to be a member of this scheme.


  1. Fund

The source of fund for this scheme shall comprise of:

  1. Registration fees;
  2. Monthly membership fees known as monthly contribution;
  3. Returns on investment;
  4. Awards received in cash by Dzongkhag; and
  5. Through donations and fund raising activities.

The mobilized fund must be deposited in the account of this scheme within 3 working days.

  1. Registration and Membership Fees
    1. An amount of Nu. 500.00 (Nu. 300 as the registration fees which is non-refundable and Nu. 200 as membership fees) shall be deducted from the member’s first month salary at source by the Accounts Section.
    2. Thereafter, a sum of Nu. 200 per month shall be deducted from the monthly salary by the Accounts section as membership fee or monthly contribution irrespective of any post or position.
    3. Notwithstanding Section 7.2, if a member is on EOL, study leave without pay or in suspension but wishes to continue the coverage of this welfare scheme where the monthly contribution is not deductible at source by the Accounts Section; he/she can do so by making the contribution with following modality:
  1. 50% of prorated amount in advance; and
  2. Remaining amount within one month upon joining the office from EOL, study leave or suspension for which a separate undertaking to be executed with the member.
    1. Similarly, if a member is granted study leave with pay for first few months/years and rest is without pay including other remunerations, the monthly contribution for the later part should be realized as per Section 7.3. Otherwise, the membership automatically ceases  when the monthly contribution is no more deductible at source by the Accounts Section.
    2. For Sections 7.3 & 7.4, the membership automatically gets renewed upon joining the office although the contribution is recovered only during payment of salary.


  1. Termination of Membership

The membership shall be terminated:

  1. In the event of death, transfer outside Dzongkhag, resignation, superannuation, compulsory retirement and termination from the service of the member;
  2. Coerce or attempt to coerce, attempt or advise an individual to weaken the credibility of this welfare scheme; and
  3. When absconded if there is no deduction from source(Accounts Section) for a month or more.


  1. Benefits and Refund of Membership Contribution

The benefits of the welfare scheme shall be granted as follows:

  1. Nu. 40,000 shall be given to the rightful nominee in case of death of a member;
  2. Nu. 30,000 in case of death of a dependent. However, those who are not registered as dependent for this welfare scheme shall not be eligible for any benefit.
  3. 70% refund when a member exits from this welfare scheme due to transfer outside Dzongkhag, resignation, superannuation, compulsory retirement and termination from the service where the member did not avail any benefits from the welfare scheme owing to reasons cited above (i-ii).

Kindly Fill this form up to claim your benefits or Semso.                          


  1. Management Committee

    10.1  A Management Committee comprising of the Sector Heads shall be established. Dasho Dzongdag shall be the Chairman of the Management Committee.

    10.2 The Chairman shall appoint an Executive Secretary and Treasurer from the member for a period of 1 year.

    10.3 The Management Committee shall meet at the least twice a year and all decision taken by the committee shall be on consensus.

    10.4 All members shall meet once in a year in June-July wherein scheme status shall be informed.

  2. Roles and Responsibilities of the Management Committee

    11.1 The Management Committee shall be responsible to ensure that:-
    All plans, program transactions are as per the provisions of the Welfare scheme;
    Ledger/Registers are updated periodically;
    Accurate and true accounts are maintained on money received, payment and investment made;
    Statement of receipts and disbursements are prepared and published annually together with balance sheet;

    11.2 The Management Committee shall approve and adopt the annual accounts and returns.

  3. Role and responsibilities of the Chairman

    12.1 The Chairman shall:

    I. Preside over all Management Committee meetings;

    II. Appoint a member to officiate during the chairman’s absence; and

    III. Conduct any other business relevant to LDZWS.

  4. Roles and responsibilities of the Executive Secretary

    13.1 The LDZWS Executive Secretary shall be responsible to ensure that:-

    I. The contributions are deducted by AFD every month from LDZWS members.

    II. The contributions are collected by the Treasurer and deposited in the Bank Account on or before 3rd working day following date of disbursement.

    III. Proper and up to date accounts are maintained.

    IV. Conduct the business of LDZWS,

    V. Call the meetings of the Management Committee and record its proceedings.

    VI. Maintain a current register of all the members, their dependants and beneficiaries with all documents to avoid future problems.

    13.2 The Executive Secretary and Treasurer shall operate the Bank account jointly and perform all the duties assigned to him by the Management Committee;

  5. Roles and responsibilities of the Treasurer

    14.1 The Treasurer shall;

    I. Be responsible for all the money

    II. Make disbursement and maintain proper accounts periodically;

    III. Prepare vouchers and pass for payment jointly with Executive Secretary;

    IV. Maintain up–to-date accounts on receipt and payment; and

    V. To assist Executive Secretary for management during misfortune; and

    14.2 The Treasurer shall co-ordinate with AFD to deduct member’s monthly Contribution from the salary and these are deposited in the Bank.

  6. Role and Responsibilities of Sectors Heads

    15.1 The Sector Heads Shall;

    I. Certify and forward all applications of membership to the Executive Secretary;

    II. Certify and forward all the welfare claims and application to Executive Secretary; and

    III. Inform the Executive Secretary of all transfers (outside Dzongkhag), resignation and death of a member.

  7. Procedures,

    16.1 All members shall complete membership registration Form- LDZWS /F-1 and Dependent Declaration Form- LDZWS/F-2 and submit to the Executive Secretary, LDZWS.

    16.2 All the payment due to members shall be released by the Executive Secretary, Dzongkhag Staff Welfare Scheme in Bank Cheque/Cash toward payment to the beneficiaries.

    16.3 Proper records such as Cash book, Ledgers, register etc. shall be maintained by the Treasurer to record all receipts and payments.
  8. Annual Programme

    17.1 All the members will be notified 2 weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting.

    17.2 The Annual Accounts of the Zhiwog Welfare Scheme shall be audited annually by auditors appointed by the Management Committee.

    17.3 The Audited Accounts together with Zhiwog Welfare Scheme Report shall be placed before the Annual General Meeting for adoption.

Amendment & Interpretation

18.1 The Management Committee shall be the sole authority to amend, revoke and repeal any articles of these rules.

18.2 The Management Committee shall be the sole authority responsible to interpret these rules in the event of dispute.



[1]Suspension: when it is more than a month where the pay and other benefits are not paid to a member.