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Rinchen Bumpa



Rinchen Bumpa is located on the mountaintop further north of Kurtoe. It is also a sacred place associated with Guru Rinpoche. It was first discovered by Longchen Rabjampa in the 14th century. Later Terton Pema Lingpa also meditated in the place. The visit to the Ney is said to bring fulfillment of one’s wishes and prayers.

 Route and lodge

It will take almost six hours to reach Rinchen Bumpa from Chakzom which is 22kms from Dungkar. Just at the base of the Rinchen Bumpa is the Kuenzang Ling lhakhang which was constructed by Longchen Rabjampa in the 14th century. One has to walk uphill to reach Rinchen Bumpa and there is no water on the way. There is also no guesthouse and one must carry tents should you visit in quite a huge numbers.

Travel and Health Advisory Note

One must enquire from the Kurtoe Gup at 17788913 about when the Ladam (travel restrictions) is enforced or opened. If one travels during Ladam time, one hurts the sentiments of Kurtoeps. As far as the visitors’ health is concerned, everyone can visit as the altitude of the sacred place is not as high as Singye Dzong. But once you have visited, you are advised not to bring even a piece of stone from the main Rinchen Bumpa Ney as local deity is believed to follow you and bring misfortunes.

One cannot take horses as the condition of the mule track is bad. So one is advised to carry your own food provisions.

 When to visit

November to February is the only season for pilgrimage. One is not allowed to visit the place at other times of the year as it is the time of Ladam (closing of visits). If one visits the place at other times, it is believed that it brings misfortunes to the public of Kurtoe Gewog.


Although the time to visit the place falls in winter season, it is not as cold as that of Singye Dzong.


One is advised to take warm clothes. You cannot make fire to get heat as it is dry and may trigger forest fire.


There shall be no changes in appetite. You can take any type of food. But one is advised not to take and cook pork, egg and fish as these items are believed to bring defilements to the local deities.

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