SDS for Livestock Sector

Service Delivery Standards

Sector specific Terms of Reference for Livestock Extension supervisor and Livestock Production Supervisor of Gewog RNR- Extension Center.

  1. To implement livestock development activities (eg- Dairy, Poultry, Piggery, Fishery, Feed/fodder, Breed improvement, Biogas etc) in the Gewog.
  2. To advice and deliver suitable, innovative, useful and available extension technologies to farmers in respect to livestock production in the Gewog.
  3. To maintain up-to-date information on demographic, physical, technical and socio-economic condition in the Gewog.
  4. To study and record both, production and post-production, constraints and potential in the Gewog and plan need based on activities using these information.
  5. To monitor all the extension activities implemented in the Gewog constantly and provide regular feedback to the supervisor.
  6. To supervise the implementation of M & E activities at field level for analysis of outputs, outcomes and impact of planned extension activities including the collection of authenticate and relevant data.
  7. To liaise with regional project and center programmes implementing activities in the Dzongkhag.
  8. To identify farmers problems based on their findings and provide solutions.
  9. To plan and monitor on-farm trails and demonstration established in collaborations with the farmers and research.
  10. To decide on optimum extension methodologies to deliver best-bet technical solutions to defined problems and agree their implementation (equipment, budget, coordinate with the media agencies) with the relevant authorities.
  11. To update and prepare monthly, quarterly, annually progress reports for submission to the appropriate authorities on time.
  12. To participate any emergency meeting at the Dzongkhag chaired by DLO
  13. To plan and propose activities beneficial to farmers
  14.  To assist Dzongkhag and Dungkhag level activities eg- trainings, meetings, workshops and any livestock extension or production related activities
  15. To represent the sector in Gewog Tshogdue (GT) forum
  16. Participate regular in Dzongkhag/ Gewog meetings and share innovative ideas or experience related to better farming practices and planning/preparation of annual work plan.
  17. Keep strictly vigilance for outbreak of any diseases and carry out necessary control measures viz timely vaccination of animals.
  18. Inventory and monitoring of veterinary medicines/equipment and submission of annual essential veterinary medicine/ equipment indent through online G2C services on time.
  19. Attend emergency out-calls to save the life of animal as well as to increase livestock production.
  20.  To carry out any other official works assigned by supervisors.