13 June 2018

Workshop was conducted today in dzongkhag conference hall on Anti Corruption Commission's Integrity and Ethics and sensitization on Domestic Violence by RENEW focal point.

Dzongkhag HR Officer the focal person for ACC briefed the participants with the actual meaning of integrity and ethics with its technical definition according to ACC and as well as the definition from the Buddhist perspective. Integrity is actually "Doing the right thing even when no body is watching you".  The presenter also briefed on the GIFT rules of ACC and he marked saying " A Gift with an Intention and Expectation of benefiting themselves (Giver)" MUST not be accepted at any cost. 

In continuation the dzongkhag RENEW focal point briefed the participants on Domestic Violence. The types of Domestic Violence, the scenarios of domestic violence in the society. Domestic Violence is one of the serious issue in the society not only at home and between the married couple, it is prevailing in many areas be it in a community, in an organisation or a working environment many has been victimized and still society is living in silent and ignorant of such occurrence. 

The workshop had been a forum of discussion among the staffs regarding various issues not only on the above mentioned agendas. It was graced by Honorable Dzongrab, sectorheads and all the staffs of the administration including ESPs and GSPs.