Learning from Experience Programme for Third Parliamentary Election

01 March 2019

Learning from Experience Programme for Lhuentse Dzongkhag is conducted today in dzongkhag conference hall. 

In every election different challenges is faced and to new challenges faced must be addressed in the best possible way to the needs and aspiration of the people of Bhutan. The Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) has always been at the forefront of accepting challenges and take opportunities to address the issues for better elections in future.

The Learning from Experience Programme (LEP) is the post-election activity, a platform for the ECB to address the new challenges. It brings together all the stakeholders to assess, analyze and address the problems.This self-evaluating process initiated by the ECB has helped the Commission to comprehend issues better straight from the experiences of officials involved in elections.

All the participants including National Observer, Presiding Officers, Polling Officers, ICT officer and Gewog Administrative Officers presented their roles, responsibilities, issues and challenges they faced during the third parliamentary election 2018. They also presented various loopholes in the system and recommendations for the betterment of the future election processes.

The three participants from ECB took note of all the suggestions and recommendations provided by various stakeholders for improvements and they shall document it with the goal of further strengthening the electoral management system and ensure the better conduct of elections at all levels. 

Dasho Dzongda and Dzongrab shared their insightful experiences and recommendations at the end of the programme. Honorable Dzongda was Chief Guest for the one day LEP program.