Name                           :          Thubten Shedrubchhoeling                   


Khenpo                       :           Pema Tshewang                            

Contact No.                :           77490893                            

Location                      :           Jarey

Gewog                        :           Jarey

Dzongkhag                  :           Lhuentse

Ownership                   :           Community Lhakhang        

Year of Construction  :           2004

Thubten Shedrubchhoeling Lhakhang is located near Jarey Naktshang. The construction started in 2004 through labour contributions from the people of Jarey and cash were supported from the civil servants of Jarey Village. Outer structures were actually completed in 2009. Thereafter it was handed over to His Holiness Gangtey Truelku Rinpoche. In 2010, it was established as Zhirim Shedra and there were 10 monks including a Khenpo and a Lopen. Lamai Zimchung, Drasha, Kitchen and toilet were constructed in the Financial Year 2011-2012 under the Constituency Development Grant (CDG). Ongoing painting and the construction of Debri is being supported from Gangtey Truelku Rinpoche. On 31/03/2009, The His Majesty the King visited Lhakhang and granted Guru Tsokhor Sum and Gonpo Maning (protective diety Hayagriva) and Palden Lhamo (protective diety Mahakali). There are seven statues granted by His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo. Currently there are 18 monks headed by a lopen and Khenpo.