Name                           :           Ladrong Lhakhang

Caretaker                     :           Tashi Sither

Contact No.                :           17781935

Location                      :           Ladrong

Gewog                        :           Jarey

Dzongkhag                  :           Lhuentse

Ownership                   :           Community

Year of Construction  :           Unknown

Ladrong Lhakhang is located at 20 minutes walk from Gewog centre, Ngangney. It was founded by Terton Drimed Lingpa. bladrong literally means village of Lama. Nobody knows in which year this Lhakhang was built. It was built on the ridge of the cliff facing towards the south in order to subdue demon. Gyalwa Jampa is the most important relics brought along with Terton Drimed Lingpa. Upon completion of construction, the consecration ceremony (Rabney) was done by Tertoen Drimed Lingpa on 18th day in tenth month of Bhutanese calendar. Following, Ladrong Rabney has gained popularity and people from Mongar and Tashiyangtse came to witness a day long Rabney. Later in 1970, Aja Lam Dorji Tenzin has initiated five days Tshechu which is similar to Lhuentse Tshechu. Annual Tshechu begins on every 14th Day of Tenth month. The people of Jaray consider this Lhakhang as soul protector and highly valued monuments. When and where ever people go, they light butter lamps and pray to god for their good fortune. This community Lhakhang is being looked after by caretaker who is nominated every three years.