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Phunyingla is located on the mountaintop southeast from Lhuentse Dzong. It is also a sacred place blessed by Guru Rimpoche. The visit to the Ney is said to achieve liberation and cleansing of all defilements.


One can drive till Bangtsho village, 22kms away from Tshenkar Gewog office. It will take another six hours to reach Phunyingla. Halfway through, the visitors will be greeted by Dramthang Lhakhang. One has to take tents as there is no guesthouse at Phunyingla.

Travel and Advisory Note

One must enquire from the Tshenkar Gup at 17693212 about when the Ladam shall open. You will not be allowed to visit during Ladam time that usually fall in spring, summer and autumn. As far as the visitors’ safety is concerned, everyone can visit as the altitude of the sacred place is not as high as Singye Dzong.

One can hire horses to take you food provisions if you think that you cannot carry it.

When to visit

November to February is the only season for pilgrimage. One is not allowed to visit the place at other times of the year as it is the time of Ladam (closing of visits). If one visits the place at the time of Ladam, it is believed that it brings misfortunes to the public of Tshenkar Gewog.


Although the time to visit the place falls in winter season, it is not very cold. So everyone can bear with the chill of Phunyingla.


One is advised to take warm clothes. You cannot make fire to get heat as it is dry and may set forests on fire.


There shall be no changes in appetite. You can eat any type of food.

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